A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Bitfighter is a fast-paced team-based outer-space multi-player arcade game. Blast your friends, zap your enemies. Steal their flags and nuke their cores. Customize your ship to be sneaky, or overwhelm with superior firepower. It's fast, fun, and frenetic.

Bitfighter is free. Period.

Bitfighter is best when played with others. Try it with your friends, or add some bots!

Bitfighter runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X, and has a lively community and an active development team.


Bitfighter 019f Windows Installer 11 MB
Bitfighter 019f Windows Portable (unzip and play!) 13 MB
Bitfighter 019f OSX 64-bit 9 MB
Bitfighter 019f Linux standalone (experimental) 15 MB


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This is a great game to play with friends!